The 3D view widget provides the three-dimensional visualization of the loaded molecules.
All activated Representations are shown here.


Rotate Mode

In the Rotate Mode, the user can zoom, rotate or translate the view by pressing the mouse buttons and moving the mouse:


Mouse Button Effect
Left Rotate left/right and up/down
Middle or Wheel Zoom in and out
Right Translate up/down and left/right
Left + Right (first keep one button pressed, than additionally the other) Rotate (counter) clockwise
Double Left Click Show information for object under cursor (e.g. Atom)


Special key combinations are recognized to allow all the operations described above on systems
with one- or two-button mice. Just hold the respective keys on the keyboard and press the (left) mouse button:


Mouse button + key pressed Effect
Left Rotate left/right and up/down
Left + Shift Zoom in and out
Left + Control Translate up/down and left/right
Left + Shift + Control Rotate (counter) clockwise


BALL-SNP can show popup informations about the molecular entities
under the mouse cursor. To enable this, switch into the Rotate mode and double click on any bond or atom.


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