Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Andreas Keller, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Fabian Müller
Teaching Assistant: M.Sc. Friederike Grandke
Tutor: Omar Laham

  • This course is credited with 9CP for Bioinformatics (master) students. Medicine students can take it as a Wahlpflichtfach in the clinical part..
  • The lecture will be held between 20.10.2021 and 7.2.2022
  • Please register in our database until 18.10.2021, so that we can inform you about the details and invite you to the scheduled zoom meetings.
  • Here are the preliminary time slots for the lecture:
    20.10.202108-10 c.t.
    22.10.202110-12 c.t.
    27.10.202108-10 c.t.
    29.10.202110-12 c.t.
    03.11.202108-10 c.t.
    05.11.202110-12 c.t.
    10.11.202108-10 c.t.
    12.11.202110-12 c.t.
    17.11.202108-10 c.t.
    19.11.202110-12 c.t.
    24.11.202108-10 c.t.
    26.11.202110-12 c.t.
    01.12.2021– no lecture –
    03.12.2021– no lecture –
    08.12.2021– no lecture –
    10.12.202110-12 c.t.
    15.12.202108-10 c.t.
    17.12.202110-12 c.t.
    05.01.2022– no lecture –
    07.01.2022– no lecture –
    12.01.202208-10 c.t.
    14.01.202210-12 c.t.
    19.01.202208-10 c.t.
    21.01.202210-12 c.t.
    26.01.202208-10 c.t.
    28.01.202210-12 c.t.
    02.02.202208-10 c.t.
    04.02.202210-12 c.t.

Tutorials/ Office hour dates: TBD


  • The lecture will take place in room 001, building E2 1
  • Participation via Zoom:
    • If you want to attend the lecture online, please install zoom on your local computer.
    • We will send out invites for the scheduled zoom lectures once we have the list of participants set.


  • Will take place on 9.2.2022 in presence at the Chair for Clinical Bioinformatics, Building E2 1
  • Online examination only in justified exceptional cases
  • Not appearing to the exam will lead to not passing the exam
  • Be at the building at least 10 minutes before your time-slot
  • You have to follow the corona-rules of the university (3G-rule for attending the exam)


  • Exam on 30.3.2022
  • More information will be published on this website or per email

Registration for the lecture and the exam:

  • Please register in here until 18.10.2021 to take part in the lecture.
  • To take part in the exam, you need to register additionally here.

Lecture slides and assignments can be found in the password protected area.