Block proseminar about different basic topics in Bioinformatics for students of Computer Science.

Tutor: Cedric Laczny

Important dates:

  • Registration: From October 20th to 27th, 2015 HERE
  • First version of the slides: Deadline 08.03.16 (4 weeks before the presentation)
  • Presentations: 08.04.16
  • Summary: Deadline 15.04.16 (after the presentation)

Place and Time: building E2.1 room 106, on 08.04.16

Requirements for certificate:

  • Submitting the first version of the slides (please take a look at our presentation guidelines)
  • Successful presentation: 30 minutes + questions
  • Submitting a summary (2 pages)
  • Attendance to all presentations



Participant Time slot Topic
1. Topic Mark Schuegraf  pairwise sequence alignment:

Needleman Wunsch, Smith-Waterman

2. Topic Julian Baldus  multiple sequence alignment
3. Topic Ioannis Dikeoulias  BWA
4. Topic Dennis Nikolay  BLAST
5. Topic Maksim Shpakov  Assembly
6. Topic Julian Klein  Docking