This is a block pro-/seminar covering topics related biomedical image processing and analysis.
Tutors: M. Sc. Annika Engel, M. Sc. Georges P. Schmartz,

Registration *from November 29 to December 5, 2021 HERE
Kick-off meeting [mandatory]December 16, 2021
Deadline to (de-)register in HISPOS OR de-register from seminar *January 13, 2022
Deadline for feedback ** [optional]February 15, 2022
Presentations March 1, 2022 (place/time: see below)
Summary submission deadline (1 week after the presentations)March 8, 2022
* If you want to de-register from the seminar, please send the tutor an email irrespectively whether you (de)registered in HISPOS or not.

**If you would like to get feedback about your slides, e.g. to improve your presentation before the talk, send your slides to the tutor before the feedback deadline. We strongly encourage you to take this opportunity. Before sending in the slides, check out our presentations guidelines. Please note: The more complete the submitted presentation the more helpful the feedback can be. Please try to avoid submitting half-finished slides.

Place and Time:

  • TBA

Certificate requirements:

  • Successful presentation:
    • Talk: 30 minutes for a Pro-seminar and 40 minutes for a Seminar
    • Questions from the audience after the presentation
  • Attendance to all presentations
  • Submitting a summary (ca. 2 pages, excluding title (page), references, figures, tables etc.)


1Proseminar3D analysis of microvasculature in murine liver fibrosis models using synchrotron radiation-based microtomography
2 Proseminar Whole-cell organelle segmentation in volume electron microscopy
3 Proseminar Deep-COVID: Predicting COVID-19 from chest X-ray images using deep transfer learning
4 Proseminar CT prostate segmentation based on synthetic MRI-aided deep attention fully convolution network
5SeminarDetecting Branching Nodes of Multiply Connected 3D Structures
6 Seminar Fuzzy Gray Level Difference Histogram Equalization for Medical Image Enhancement
7 Seminar A CT-Based Automated Algorithm for Airway Segmentation Using Freeze-and-Grow Propagation and Deep Learning
8 Seminar Fully Automated Lung Lobe Segmentation in Volumetric Chest CT with 3D U-Net: Validation with Intra- and Extra-Datasets
9 Seminar 3D Dense Separated Convolution Module for Volumetric Medical Image Analysis

Recommended readings

Students who either have a shallow understanding on the topic and / or want to prepare for the course should consider reading the following papers: