Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Keller
Teaching Assistant: M.Sc. Fabian Kern
Tutor: David Rasp
To obtain a certificate you need to:

  • Pass the exam

Lecture dates:

  • The lecture will be held between 11.05. – 13.07.2020 via online conference sessions
  • Please register in our database until 7th May, so that we can inform you about the details and invite you to the scheduled zoom meetings.
  • Here are the preliminary time slots for the lecture:
date – time
111.05. – 10-12 s.t.
218.05. – 10-12 s.t.
325.05. – 10-12 s.t.
408.06. – 10-12 s.t.
515.06. – 10-12 s.t.
622.06. – 10-12 s.t.
729.06. – 10-12 s.t.
806.07. – 10-12 s.t.
913.07. – 10-12 s.t.

Please note that lectures start sharp at the given time slots.

Tutorial / Office hour dates:

  • Mondays, 12-14 s.t.

Zoom lectures:

  • If you want to attend the lecture, please install zoom on your local computer.
  • We will send out invites for the scheduled zoom lectures once we have the list of participants set.


  • Schedule:
    • 20th July, start: 9 am for online exams, 10 am for personal attendance exams
    • Detailed time slots are available from the password protected area!
  • The exam results (including the bonus obtained through assignment sheets) have been published in the password protected area!
  • Online via MS Teams OR in personal attendance, Room 207, E2.1 (CBI)
  • You need to be able to show your student ID card.
  • For online examinations, you need to send us a written consent shortly before the exam date, confirming that you agree with all the terms of remote examination.
    • You need to have an external webcam OR built-in computer camera to host a video-stream.
    • Immediately before examination, you need to proof your work desk and room are clean from any kind of content materials, e.g. cheat sheets.
    • If possible, please manage to be the only person in your room at the examination time.


  • TBD
  • Same conditions apply as stated for the first exam.

Registration for the lecture and the exam:

  • To take part in the exam, you need to register additionally here.

Lecture slides and assignments can be found in the password protected area.